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Remington Model 1888

Remington Model 1888

Remington Model 1888 (transitional) single-action Army revolver
An intermediate (transitional) model of cartridge revolver was introduced in 1888 called the "New Model Pocket Army". Made in 1888 and 1889 only, total production was less than 1,000 units, made primarily with parts from 1875s and duplicate "batch/serial" numbers exist; however, assembly numbers were added and none have been found over the low 300s range. Nearly all are nickel, with less than a handful known manufactured in blue. Visually it is identical to the Model 1890, with the exception of the address on top of barrel. The caliber of the model was .44-40, with the left grip on many marked "44" or "44W". In a dealer catalog, the barrel is listed at ​5 1⁄2 inches, but examples have been found with ​5 3⁄4-inch barrels. The ejector housing is visually identical to the Model 1890. New York sporting arms dealers Hartley and Graham assumed control of the E. Remington & Sons and renamed the company to Remington Arms Company in 1888, and it is possible that this model was assembled exclusively for them.


Remington Arms


.44-40 Winchester, .44 Remington

5 1⁄2 inches or ​5 3⁄4-inch

Feed system:
6 round cylinder

In Production:

Milled groove in the rear of the top-strap, front blade.

Effective range:
50 meters (54.7 yards)


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