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Steyr TMP

Steyr TMP

(MANUAL) Steyr TMP Manual (.pdf)

Steyr TMP (Tactical Machine Pistol) is a modern compact SMG. It is blowback operated, locked breech design, with rotating barrel. This mean that after the shot bolt with barrel locked to it are moving backward for some 4 millimeters. Then, the barrel rotates clockwise slightly, and thus unlocks the bolt. Rotaton controls via small cam on the barrel that follows the spiral groove inside the receiver.
Both upper and lower receiver are made from polymer. TMP has no stock and could be fired only from off-hand position.
Safeties featured automatic off-battery safety, drop safety and the manual safety switch.
TMP is reported as a very controllable and comfortable to fire firearm.

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Submachine Gun


Blowback operated, locked breech

9mm Parabellum

1.30 kg

270 mm

150 mm

6 Grooves, rh

Magazine Capacity:
15, 20 or 25 Rounds

In Production:

Rate of fire:
8-900 RPM

`Steyr-Mannlicher` and serial number on left side of receiver.

A cross-bolt safety catch lies in the top of the grip, behind the trigger. Pushed from left to right, the weapon is safe. Pushed from right to left, the weapon is set to automatic fire. pushed half-way the weapon is set for single shots.

Magazine catch is a button in the left front edge of the butt, just behind the trigger. Remove magazine. Grasp cocking handle, and pull back to eject any rounds in the chamber. Inspect chamber via the ejection port, pull trigger.


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