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Valmet KvKK 62

Valmet KvKK 62


The Valmet model 62 light machine gun was designed in late 1950s and first prototypes appeared circa 1960. It was finally adopted as a standard machine gun of the FDF (Finnish Defence Forces) infantry in 1962 as a "7.62mm KvKK 62" ('Kevyt KoneKivääri', light maghine gun), with first guns entering service in 1966. It is still in service, although there is a rumour that most of KvKK 62 MGs will be replaced by the PKM Kalashnikov GPMGs, which offer bigger firepower and better reliability.

KvKK 62 is a gas operated, belt fed light machine gun. It uses a tilting bolt, that locks into the roof of the receiver, and overall action bears some similarity with famous Czech ZB-26 MG. Receiver of the KvKK 62 is machined from the steel, and a hollow metallic buttstock houses a recoil spring. KvKK 62 uses a belt feeding from the right side of the gun, from 100 rounds belt pouches that are clamped onto receiver wall. KvKK 62 has no quick detachable barrel, which is a serious drawback when a sustained firepower is required. The overall appearance of the KvKK 62 is rather clumsy, with its tubular pistol grip, no triggerguard, and metallic butt. The cleaning rod is atatched to right side of the butt and receiver. Ahead of the feed unit there's a side-folding carrying handle. KvKK 62 has a built-in folding bipods to fire from.

Positive features of the KvKK 62 are the diminutive recoil, good accuracy at extended ranges and high rate of fire, as well as ammunition which can be intechanged with any FDF standard assault rifles (from RK 62 to RK 95). The major drawbacks are the lack of the quick changeable barrels and sensitivity to dirt and humidity - KvKK 62 requires much more care in the combat environment, than any FDF assault rifle. It is also somewhat heavy for a SAW.


7.62x39 mm

8.3 kg

1085 mm

470 mm

Feed system:
100 rounds drum

Rate of fire:
1000-1100 RPM


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