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Norwegian STEN Mk. II

Norwegian Sten Mk. II

Norwegian Stengun Magwell, Note: the Norwegian where alone in putting the weld on the topside of the magazine well

Norwegian Stengun Action, Note: The safty spring where placed on the left side in the norwegian models compared to the right side in orginal models.

Norwegian Stengun pipe, Note: the homemade norwegian pipes where Straight edged to hide its real function, versus the British conical

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About 800 Norwegian Stenguns where produced, the Norwegian Stenguns where slightly modified to make sure the production where camouflaged for the occupying forces. this changes where mostly making an allready "stripped" weapon even more "stripped" as since norwegian STEN`s where made underground and illegally.

Norwegian Stenguns often had faulty British markings as they where highly illegally made under the norwegian occupation, however a typically norwegian Sten does have its trademarks as the pictures shows. also some barrels have been stamped with "pope" as a tribute to the American Gunsmith "Harry M. Pope". As for why this where done is unanswered, one explanation chould be that it was a pratical joke to give the blokes at "RSAF Enfield" a laugh.

Another trade of the Norwegian STEN`s where the homemade Rifling, Even thoe the rifling was the best one chould make in wartime Norway it was poor at best, making the weapon a great deal less accurate than its british counterparts.

The Major producer where Milorg and Bror With (approx: 800) But there where others like the Faugli Brothers. The Faugli Brothers made they`re line of STEN`s unnaware of the producers just a stonetrow away from they`re operation. The Faugli Line where made with inferior barrels because of Bror with`s effort in gathering the most suitable parts for making Sub machine Barrels, this is visible by the thinner barrels in the Faugli line.

Submachine Gun

Milorg, Bror With, brĝdrene Faugli


9x19mm Luger/Para

2.95 kg (6.5 Lbs)

762 mm (30 in)

196 mm (7.71 in)

6 grooves, rh

Magazine Capacity:
32 Rounds

Feed system:

Fixed Iron sight

Rate of fire:
550 Rpm

Effective range:
100 Meters (109 yd)

Muzzle Velocity:
384 m/s (1259 Fps)


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