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Norinco HP9-1

Hawk PF26W2 hunting shotgun.

Other Pictures:
Hawk Type97-1 police shotgun (18.4mm Type 97-1 Anti-riot gun) with folding stock.

Hawk Type 97-1 police shotgun (18.4mm Type 97-1 Anti-riot gun) with fixed stock.

Hawk combat pump-action shotgun with box magazine and folding stock, based on Type 97-1 shotgun.

Hawk combat pump-action shotgun with bullpup layout and box magazine, based on Type97-1 shotgun.

The Norinco HP9-1
also known as the Norinco N870-14.00, is a short pump action shotgun made by Norinco of China.

This 12 gauge smoothbore firearm has a 14-inch (36 cm) barrel and has a rust-resistant parkerized finish. It is a close copy of the Remington 870, a widely distributed design no longer under patent protection, and most parts interchange freely. Compact, reliable, and affordable, it is popular with hunters and others working or recreating in grizzly bear habitat. The perpetrator of the Dawson College shooting was armed with an HP9-1-14.00.

Longer barreled versions (18" minimum) are also available for purchase in the US, where ownership of short barreled shotguns requires a $200 tax stamp. In the United States, where Norinco products are specifically non-importable, this gun is imported and sold under the names Norinco Hawk 982 and Interstate Hawk 982.

- Hawk Pump - A shorter 840 mm (33 in), Magazine feed pump action configuraion that weights 3.2 kg (7 lb). It uses 5-round detachable box Magazines and a Folding stock for CQB or ease of use in vehicle transportation etc.
- Hawk bullpuppump - A Bullpup Configuration that is 670 mm (26.4 in) long, that is clearly built on a aftermarket design made readily available in the US. The hawk bullpuppump, works fine in this configuration, nevertheless it would be much better to just design a bullpup from scratch rather than taking a design not really made for this and forcing it into a package it is not meant to be in. thous his weapon feature a weight of 3.1 kg (6.8 lbs) when it would rather easy weigh quite less if built right. No mater it feeds from the same magazines as the Hawk pump, and holds 5-rounds.

Used by
- China; People`s Liberation Army, People`s Police of the People`s
- Peshmerga
- Private Security Companies

- Syrian Civil War

Port Loading A Pump Shotgun | Norinco HP9 (870 SBS Clone)

IAC Hawk 982/981R Disassembly

Pump-action Shotgun



12 gauge

~ 3.1 kg (6.8 lbs)

940 mm (37 in)(fixed stock)

Magazine Capacity:

Feed system:
integral tubular magazine

In service dates:

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