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Documentaries about Weapons and Wars.

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Afganistan Finnish documentary about Finnish peacekeepers in Afghanistan.

Bosnian War / Yugoslavia: General Yugoslavian War Category.

- BBC - War In Mostar Bosnia (Bosnian War Documentary)

- BBC: Inside Story: Dogs of War (Bosnian PMC Documentary)

- Sworn to Secrecy: Secrets of War- The Balkans Tinderbox (Bosnian War Documentary)

- The Defense Of Bosnia (Bosnian War Documentary)

- YUGOSLAV WARS 1991 - 1999 (Bosnian War Documentary)

Camp Victory Afghanistan Camp Victory, Afghanistan is the true story of the American Exit Strategy. Using 300 hours of footage shot over the course of three years, the film follows a battle-tested Afghan General and the steady stream of U.S. National Guard soldiers deployed to train the men of his newly formed battalion.

Gulf Wars: The First and Second Gulf Wars General category.

- 20th Century Battlefields - Gulf War (1991) (First Gulf War Documentary)

- Desert Storm - The Ground Assault (First Gulf War Documentary)

- Operation Desert Storm: "Winds of the Storm" 1993 US Air Force First Gulf War (First Gulf War Documentary)

- The Gulf War - The Soldiers` Tale - Complete Trilogy (First Gulf War Documentary)

Jeremy Clarkson: War Stories:

- Greatest Raid of All
Jeremy Clarkson tells the story of one of the most daring operations of World War II – the Commando raid on the German occupied dry dock at St. Nazaire in France on 28th March 1942. It was an operation so successful and so heroic that it resulted in the award of five Victoria Crosses and 80 other decorations for gallantry.

- Victoria Cross For Valour
In September 1944 at the Battle of Arnhem, Major Cain won what was described as the "finest Victoria Cross of the whole war". Telling his story, along with other personal accounts of staggering bravery, Jeremy Clarkson looks at the history of the highest military decoration awarded for valour in the face of the enemy.

Korea War: General Koreea War Category.

- Story of Korean War in Colour

- Unforgettable: The Korean War

Lock N` Load with R. Lee Ermey is a television program on History that discussed the development of military weaponry throughout the centuries.
In a typical episode, Ermey focused on one specific type of weapon or weapon system, presenting key advancements in its technology and demonstrating their use with the help of experts. In a holdover from his duties hosting Mail Call on the History Channel, he frequently added humor in the form of light-hearted drill instructor haranguing aimed at the viewer. He also displayed an eagerness to try out the episode`s relevant weapons against a wide range of targets, particularly watermelons ("they taste better after being shot with a machine gun"), as well as glass bottles.
The 13-episode series has been rerun semi-regularly since, with reruns currently airing on History 2.

Military Police: General Military Police category.

- The History Of The Military Police Corps (US)

- The Last Mission: Establishing the Rule of Law in Iraq

Norway At War - Mission Afghanistan (Norge i Krig - Oppdrag Afghanistan)
Norwegian documentary. Thru half a year journalists from NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) followed Norwegian soldiers in Afghanistan. We follow the soldiers in the Norwegian camp in Maymaneh in Faryab province.

Norwegian Medevac Aghanistan
Norwegian two part documentary Lifesavers in Afghanistan (Livredderne i Afghanistan) about the Norwegian Aeromedical Detachment(NAD) operating in Faryab Province. Produced by Bitmill for Viasat 4, aired on TV autumn 2010.

Modern Marvels is a television series on the History Channel. The program focuses on how technologies affect and are used in today`s society. It is among History`s first, and longest-running, programs, having first aired on History`s first day of broadcasting on January 1, 1995.
We at NGRG however will only Show Episodes directly linked to Warfare.

Pirate Hunt six part Danish documentary about Danish soldiers on the warship HDMS Absalon participating in the UN-led counter-piracy mission off Somalia and the east coast of Africa.

Tales of the Gun is a television series broadcast on the History Channel featuring the history of firearms that ran for one season in 1998. The usual episode includes interviews of historians and people who used the featured weapon, shows how the weapons were made, and shows the featured weapon being fired on a shooting range. The series narrator for the US version is Thom Pinto, veteran voice actor. The series bolstered 40 Episodes, some of them where minor "remakes" of prior sent Episodes.

The Alpha Diaries An unprecedented, groundbreaking and voyeuristic look into military reserve life in Israel, this film was shot over a 5 year period in director and reserve soldier Yaniv Berman`s life. A soldier in the Israeli army reserves, Alpha Company.

The Gurkhas Documentary about the Gurkhas of the British Army

The Price of War Norwegian documentary covering Norway`s involvement in the Afghanistan war.

Vietnam War: General Vietnam War Category.

- Battlefield Vietnam - Part 01: Dien Bien Phu The Legacy (Vietnam War Documentary)

- Battlefield Vietnam - Part 02: The Undeclared War (Vietnam War Documentary)

- Battlefield Vietnam - Part 03: Search And Destroy (Vietnam War Documentary)

- Battlefield Vietnam - Part 04: Showdown in the Iron Triangle (Vietnam War Documentary)

- Battlefield Vietnam - Part 05: Countdown to Tet (Vietnam War Documentary)

- Battlefield Vietnam - Part 06: The Tet Offensive (Vietnam War Documentary)

- Battlefield Vietnam - Part 07: War on the DMZ (Vietnam War Documentary)

- Battlefield Vietnam - Part 08: Siege at Khe Sanh (Vietnam War Documentary)

- Battlefield Vietnam - Part 09: Air War Vietnam (Vietnam War Documentary)

- Battlefield Vietnam - Part 10: Rolling Thunder (Vietnam War Documentary)

- Battlefield Vietnam - Part 11: "Peace With Honor" (Vietnam War Documentary)

- Battlefield Vietnam - Part 12: The Fall of Saigon (Vietnam War Documentary)

- The Vietnam War 1964-1976 (Vietnam War Documentary)

War for Peace Swedish six part documentary about Swedish soldiers deployed to Afghanistan. Aired on SVT1 spring 2011.

World War II: General Second World War Category.

- World War II From Space delivers World War II in a way you`ve never experienced it before. using an all-seeing CGI eye that offers a satellite view of the conflict.

- World War Two: Battle of the Bulge - Panzer Attack Hitlers Last stand in the West.

- World War Two: Fall of Singapore 1941 Fall of Singapore, was fought in the South-East Asian theatre of the Second World War when the Empire of Japan invaded the Allied stronghold of Singapore.

- World War Two: Operation Market Garden 1944 Operation Market Garden (17–25 September 1944) was an unsuccessful Allied military operation, fought in the Netherlands and Germany in the Second World War. It was the largest airborne operation up to that time.

- World War Two: Soviet Union 1943 The Turn of the Second World War.

- World War Two: Tank Battles of Normandy 1944 The Invasion of Nazi Germany`s Festung Europa.

- World War Two: Tank Battles of Stalingrad 1942 The Battle of Stalingrad (August 23, 1942 – February 2, 1943) was the major battle of World War II in which Nazi Germany and its allies fought the Soviet Union for control of the city of Stalingrad.

- World War Two: The Fall of Western Europe 1940 The German invasion of Poland, The low countries and France.

- World War Two: The Scandinavia Front The Second World War in Scandinavia.

- World War Two: Uboat War in the Atlantic 1940 - 1943 The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest continuous military campaign in World War II, running from 1939 to the defeat of Germany in 1945. At its core was the Allied naval blockade of Germany, announced the day after the declaration of war, and Germany`s subsequent counter-blockade.

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Korea War (2)

Lock N` Load with R. Lee Ermey (13)

Military Police (2)

Modern Marvels (13)

Norway At War - Mission Afghanistan (7)

Norwegian Medevac Afghanistan (2)

Pirate Hunt - Dan. Counter-Piracy Docu. (6)

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Tales of the Gun (40)

The Alpha Diaries - IDF Docu. (1)

The Gurkhas (1)

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The Vietnam War (13)

War for Peace - Swe. Afg. Docu. (6)

World War II (11)


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