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Guns Of Infamy

Guns of Infamy are Special Weapons, that has been made Infamous By their owner or Their usage. These Gun may be regular guns, nothing special about them other than having been owned by, or been used by Infamous People, or act`s of Infamy.
Some However, may be very special and handmade for the same people.

These are Guns that started revolutions, Wars Tag Heuer Replica Watches Etc., Some have been used in horrific terror acts. Heard around the world for their usage.

NGRG Condemn any act of such terror.
We do not want to help promote such ideas, and this list is in no shape or form to be glorified.
This section is to be considered a wall of shame.To remember such act`s, is to never forget.



Adolf Hitler (2)

Anders B. Breivik (2)

David Berkowitz (1)

Gavrilo Princip (1)

Herman Goering (1)

John Wilkes Booth (1)

Lee H. Oswald (1)

Osama Bin Laden (1)


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