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Beretta 1201 F / FP

Beretta 1201FP (Police version), with the ghost-ring sights

Other Pictures:
Beretta 1201F shotgun (Hunting version)

Beretta 1201FP (Police version) with factory pistol grip stock and rifle-type sights

This shotgun, developed in the late 1980s or early 1990s by the famous Italian arms manufacturing company Pietro Beretta, is, basically, an upgrade over the preceding model, Beretta 1200. The 1201 was manufactured in two versions, 1201F, intended for hunting and sporting, and the 1201FP, intended for police and other such duties. Interestingly enough, the 1201 is extremely similar to the Benelli M1 Super 90 shotgun, and had the same recoil-operated semiautomatic action, developed and patented by Benelli. The production of the Beretta 1201 shotguns had been completed.

Since the basic action of the 1201 is similar to such of the Benelli M1 shotgun, for the technical description please refer to the appropriate article at this site. The 1201FP was available with polymer furniture and stock, either with classic or pistol grip. Since the recoil spring is located in the buttstock, this shotgun cannot be fitted with the folding buttstock. The 1201FP can be found with either ghost-ring (large aperture diopter) or open rifle-type rear sights, and with the blade front sight.


Semi Automatic

12 Gauge

(Unloaded) 2.85 kg

1060 mm

520 mm (1201FP)

Magazine Capacity:
6 (2 3/4") or 5 (3") rounds in underbarrel tube magazine


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