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M224 60 mm Mortar

Other Pictures:
A US soldier firing the M224

The M224 60 mm Lightweight Mortar is a smooth bore, muzzle-loading, high-angle-of-fire weapon used for close-in support of ground troops.

The M224 system is composed of the M225 Cannon (18 lb), M170 Bipod (15.2 lb), M7 Baseplate (14.4 lb), and the M64A1 Sight Unit (2.5 lb). The mount consists of a bipod and a base plate which is provided with screw type elevating and traversing mechanisms to elevate/traverse the mortar. The M64A1 sight unit is attached to the bipod mount. This smooth bore system can be gravity-fired or fired by using a manual spring-loaded firing system.

The M224 replaces the older (WWII) M2 and M19 60 mm Mortars. These weapons only had an effective range of 2,200 yards (2000 m). While the M224 was designed to fire all types of the older ammunition, its primary rounds are of the newer, longer-range type.

The M224 Mortar can fire the following principal classifications of training and service ammunition.

High explosive (HE)--Used against personnel and light material targets.

White phosphorus (WP)--Used as a screening, signaling, casualty-producing, or incendiary agent.

Illumination (ILLUM)--Used in night missions requiring illumination for assistance in observation.

Training practice (TP)--Used for training in limited areas.

Infrared Illuminantion (IR)--Produces illumination which is only visible through the use of night vision devices.

The M224 rounds have two fuse types: The Multioption Fuze (M734) and the Point-Detonating Fuze (M935). The M734 is used for the M720 HE round and can be set to function as proximity burst, near-surface burst, impact burst, or delay burst.



Normaly a Crew of 3

60 mm

21.11 kg (46.5 lb)

1016 mm (40 in)

838 mm (33.5 in)

In service dates:

Rate of fire:
30 rounds/minute Depending on personell

Effective range:
Minimum Range: 70 m (230 ft); Maximum Range: 3490 m (2.17 miles)


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