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120 Krh 92

120 KRH 92

Other Pictures:
120 KRH 92 Getting assembled for firing

120 KRH 92 Crew

120 KRH 92 mortar shells

The 120Krh92 is a the standard heavy mortar of the Finnish army. It is used for fire support missions of (infantry) battalions and companies, to which it is attached to. It is also used for battlefield lighting and smoke laying. Future innovations of the mortal shells are giving the weapon a strong anti-tank capasity with magnecity-homing cluster shells among other things.

The 120Krh92 has usually been built upon a wheel chassis so that it can be towed either by a vehicle or by its replica watches The crew usually towes the mortar for short movements in difficult terrain where vehicles can not easily go. In much more difficult terrain the 81 Krh 71Y light mortar is used, for it is so light that is can easily be carried by its crew in all terrain.

There is one special adaptation of the 120Krh92, in which the mortar is on a fixed platform on a tracked trailer towed by the "telakuorma-auto" or TeKa, which is a tracked, un-armoured vehicle designed especially for off-road, heavy snow and poor road conditions. This adaptations is called simply Krh-TeKa (Kranaatinheitintelakuorma-auto, mortar TeKa), and is used only by the Kainuu Brigade readiness unit, as it fits the Northern Finland conditions perfectly.

The 120mm mortar shell is deadly up to 100m and maiming to 250m. Individual shrapnell can travel much further. Like all mortars, it is used primarily against (exposed) enemy infantry and light armoured unarmoured vehicles. It`s high trajectory makes it capable of firing above obstacles making it possible to fire this weapon from places artillery couldn`t not or would need to clear much of the obstacles. Downside to this is that the shell isn`t good for bunkers or other such heavily armoured fixed positiones, as the shell falls pulled by gravity, which means that its velocity is much lower than with howitzers and cannons. This high trajectory makes the weapon also vulnerable for trajectory-calculating counter-artillery systems, as the shell is in the air for quite a while, though this time and the weapon`s high rate of fire ensures maximum damage on target as the shells fall in quick repetition.


Crew: 1 NCO, 4-5 Crew members (1-2 Munitions men)

120 mm

500 kg (Barrel: 100 kg; Mounting: 68 kg; Baseplate: 117 kg; Wheeled platform: 215 kg)

Effective range:
MIN/MAX 0,25-7,5 km


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