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81 KRH 71 Y

81 KRH 71 Y

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81 KRH 71 Y Crew

81 KRH 71 Y mortar shells

The 81KRH71Y is a standard light mortar of the Finnish Defence Forces. It was introduced in 1971.

The light mortar is used to give fire support to infantry units, and attached to them it moves with them where ever they go, usually using the same transportation as the unit they are attached to (usually trucks and tracked non-armoured vehicles or APCs). Its light weight makes it possible to be somewhat easily transported on foot, so it can enter anywhere ordinary infantry can.

The optical sights are very good on any standards and this makes it possible for the mortar to have a very small impact pattern in comparison to artillery. All equipment needed to fire indirect without LOS are carried with the mortar platoon. With an experienced crew, the weapon is ready to fire indirect without Line of sight (LOS) inside a minute from the first fire support call. With LOS "direct fire" it is fire-ready within 20 seconds with an experienced crew. The standard ammunation makes this weapon leathal to 50m and maiming up to 100m, although individual shrapnell can travel much further. Can also be used for battlefield lighting and laying smoke.

As all mortars, it is best suited for firing at an exposed enemy infantry unit of non-armoured or lightly armoured vehicles, as the mortar shells do not penetrate like those of artillery, due to the fact that they fall pulled by gravity, whereas artillery shells hit in a more flat trajectory. But the high trajectory makes the mortar able to fire over obstacles, and the shells have superior firepower over artillery when it comes to killing infantry due to the fact that the shrapnell of the shell comes from above and thus deviates to a much wider area.

Usually used in platoons of two mortars. Also often moves with Sissi (Finnish guerilla) infantry/recon units, on foot/skiing, carrying its own ammunition.

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Tampella factories, continued by Patria Weapons Systems inc.

Crew: 1 NCO, 4-5 crew members (1-2 munitions men)

81 mm

56 kg (Barrel: 20 kg; Bi-pod Mounting: 19 kg; Baseplate: 17 kg)

Rate of fire:
sustained 18 rounds per minute

Effective range:
Minimum 100 m, maximum 5800 m


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