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Astra 300

Astra 300 Left side

Other Pictures:
Astra 300 Right side

Astra 300 Stripped

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The Astra 300 is a Spanish pistol first introduced in 1922 in 9 mm parabellum for the Spanish Prison Service, and then produced in 1923 in 7.65 mm and 9 mm for commercial sales. In 1928 the 9 mm model was adopted by the Spanish Navy. Over 80,000 were supplied to the German Army during the Second World War. It takes a seven round magazine. Production of the pistol ended in 1947.

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9 mm Short (1922-); 7.65 mm ACP (1923-)

560 g

165 mm

90 mm

6 grooves, rh

Magazine Capacity:
7 rounds

In service dates:


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