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Mauser 1910 / 1934

Mauser M1910

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The Mauser M1910 was a German semi-automatic military pistol that saw service during the Great War as an officer`s pistol and again in the Second World War, being in service from 1914 to 1934 and again from 1939 to 1945 in a slightly modified form as the Mauser M1934. The Mauser M1910 was originally produced in 6.35 mm calibre and also 7.65 mm Browning, took an 8-round box magazine and had a 87 mm barrel.

The Mauser M1934 was a slightly modified version of the Mauser M1910 first sold in 1934 and then adopted by the German Army in 1939.


7.65 mm Browning

600 g

153 mm

87 mm

6 grooves, rh

Magazine Capacity:
8 rounds

In Production:
1914-34 (1910) 1934-45 (1934)


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