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Frommer Model Pistole 37 (u) `jhv`

Frommer Model Pistole 37 (u) `jhv`

The German government negotiated a contract for 50,000 7.65mm Auto 1937-type pistols with pro-Axis Hungary in 1941. These were destined largely for the Luftwaffe. Except for the change of calibre, the first consignments were identical to the M1937. Shortly after supply had begun, however, the Luftwaffe demanded a manual safety catch. This was added to the left rear of the frame, whereupon the slide marking was changed from the original `FEMARU FEGYVER ES GEPGYAR RT 37` to `P. MOD. 37 KAL 7,65` with German Waffenamt acceptance stamps. The code `jvh` concealed the manufacturer, in accordance with the contemporaneous German system. The Germans used the same holster for the M.37 and the Browning 1922.

Production of the Pistole 37 (u) was extended until 1944, ending after 85,000 or so had been produced. Contrary to popular belief this gun was not produced under German occupation, production was finished before October, 1944. The well-made 7.65mm calibre guns were extremely accurate and pleasant to shoot, being rather heavier than the general run of pistols in this calibre.


7.65mm Auto

770g (27.2 oz)

182mm (7.17 in)

110mm (4.33 in)

Magazine Capacity:
7 rounds


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