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Beretta M3P

Beretta M3P

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The Beretta`s new-born M3P is a semi-automatic and pump action shotgun. The DFM system (DFM = Dual Functioning Mode) allows to use this firearm as a semi-automatic gun, thus offering all the advantages of easy handling and quickest follow-up shots, or to switch it over as a pump action shotgun operating with any type of loads from the heaviest to the hightest ones (minimum propelling charge).
The change from one functioning mode to the other is simple and quick: it just requires a short rotation of a ring located at the end of the forearm which can be easily worked also holding the firearm in the shooting position.

Another important new feature of the Beretta M3P is the replaceable 5-shot prismatic magazine, ensuring added ease of handling of the firearm, fast loading within seconds, thus giving maximum ease of use.

The ease of handling of the Beretta M3P shotgun is truly outstanding: already at first glance its compactness is striking.
When more compactness is required, just fold the shoulder stock on top of the shotgun; in this position the shoulder stock acts also as a carrying handle.


semi-automatic or manual (pump action), inertia operated

12 Gauge

70 mm (2 3/4 in)

3,540 kg

(stock open / closed) 940 mm - 1150 mm / 685 mm - 895 mm Depending on Barrel

400 or 610 mm Depending on Barrel

Magazine Capacity:
5 rounds


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