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Beretta RS202 M1 / M2

Beretta RS202-M1

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Beretta RS202-M1 / M2

The Beretta RS202 M1 and M2 pump action shotguns are among the most reliable shotguns with dependable performance in this family, as they take advantage of Beretta’s experience in the manufacture of over one million of automatic shotguns of which they are keeping the same locking system, feeding and firing mechanism.
The tubular magazine can hold up to 6 shells.
Both models are equipped with a device (bolt disconnecting lever) allowing to extract the chambered shell without having to fire it.
The metal shoulder stock with rubber butt plate can be folded on the left side of the gun.
The top of receiver is drilled and tapped for scope mount.
The pistol grip shape ensures maximum comfort.

The basic model has the barrel fitted with adjustable rear sight and fixed post front sight.

The M2 version features a protective plate cover on the barrel and magazine tube. It has a black matted anti-reflection finish.
The existing threads at the barrel muzzle allow to assemble a pattern spreading device. It has fixed rear sight and front sight.

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manual pump action

12 Gauge

3,200 kg (RS202 M1), 3,850 kg (RS202 M2)

(stock open / closed) 1020 / 790 mm (RS202 M1), 1050 / 815 mm (RS202 M2)

520 mm


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