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SIG-Sauer P220

SIG-Sauer P220 - .45ACP American version with button magazine release

Other Pictures:
SIG-Sauer P220 - 9mm European version with heel magazine release

SIG-Sauer P220 Sport .45ACP with longer barrel

SIG-Sauer P220 exploded parts drawing

The SIG-Sauer P220 pistol is a joint development of the Swiss-based SIG Arms company and Germany based J.P.Sauer&Sohn company. The P220 was initially developed as a replacement for the Swiss service pistol SIG P210. New gun had to be cheaper than p210 and have a double action trigger, while maintain the same extreme reliability and accuracy. In the 1975, P220 was adopted by Swiss military as a "pistole 75". Later, it was adopted by Japanese Defence forces.

P220 also served as a platform for some further developments of SIG & Sauer tandem, such as P225, P226 and other P22x pistols, as well as for P239 and P245. All these guns have same technical design with some size and appearance differeces.

P220 is a recoil-operatted, locked breech pistol. Locking is achieved via one massive barrel lug that locks into ejection port of the slide. The trigger is double action, with frame-mounted decocker lever, similar in design to the pre-WW2 Sauer 38H pistol. Later, the firing pin block safety was incorporated. P220 featured aluminium alloy frame, and in 2000 SIGARMS introduced a heavier version of the P220 with stainless steel frame. Original slides were made from stamped steel, with machined breechblock pinned into the slide. Currently manufactured P220s featured slides machined from the stainless steel with the same pinned breech block.

Original P220s, manufactured for Europe, featured magazine release at the heel of the handle. The P220s, manufactured for US markets in .45ACP, featured magazine release button at the base of the triggerguard.

Currently, only .45ACP version is manufactured.

In general, the P220 is one of the most realiable and accurate "out of the box" double action pistols.


7.65 mm Para, 9 mm Luger/Para, .38 Super,.45 ACP

(Unloaded) 720g



Magazine Capacity:
8 rounds (7.65mm, 9mm. .38) or 7 rounds (.45)


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