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Heckler & Koch P2000

H&K P2000

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The Heckler & Koch P2000
is a German semi-automatic pistol introduced late in 2001 and intended primarily for law enforcement, paramilitary, and commercial markets. It is based on the USP Compact pistol. The P2000 was designed specifically with improved ergonomic characteristics; it has features that reduce handling related stresses, while at the same time increasing user handling and comfort.

Design details
The P2000 is a short recoil-operated locked breech pistol with a modified Browning-type linkless cam action with a vertically tilting barrel also employed in the USP series of self-loading pistols, as well as most modern linkless semi autos.

The cold hammer-forged barrel has a polygonal profile while the slide is made from a solid bar of nitro-carburized steel. Following recent trends in modern pistol design, the P2000 makes extensive use of impact-resistant polymers to reduce weight and production costs.

As with other recent Heckler & Koch pistol designs, the P2000 is modular to suit individual needs. For instance, the grip is modular with exchangeable backstraps, allowing the user to customize the pistol`s grip size and feel. There is a universal accessory rail built into the dust cover in front of the trigger guard that allows for the use of tactical lights, laser pointers and other accessories. This is in contrast with the USP series which uses a proprietary H&K mounting rail that limits the types of accessories that could be used with the pistol.

The P2000 is a hammer-fired pistol with an exposed spurred hammer; a bobbed hammer is optional. It has an ambidextrous slide lock and a fully ambidextrous magazine release installed in the trigger guard.

Trigger variants
P2000 is available in three basic trigger configurations: CDA SA/DA trigger with decocker, classic SA/DA trigger with decocker and CDA (Combat Defence action) trigger withouth decocker or manual safety (also known as LEM trigger - Law Enforcement Modification, marketed in the USA in LEM USP Compact pistols).

The CDA trigger group featured HK patented, hammer fired system with two piece hammer. Inside the conventional, DAO hammer there is a cocking piece wich acts like SA concealed hammer, and can be cocked via the retraction of the slide, along with the hammer. When the slide goes back into the closed position, the external hammer goes down like any other DAO hammer, under the its own hammer spring, but cocking piece remains in the cocked position, with main spring loaded. When operator pressed the trigger, it goes all the way back, but due to the low power of the hammer spring, the trigger weight is much lower than in conventional DAO pistols (three weights available - 2 kg, 2.8 kg or 3.3 kg - 4.4 lbs, 6.2 lbs or 7.3 lbs respectively). When the hammer goes back all the way, the trigger mechanism releases the cocking piece, which acts on the hammer and lowers it onto the firing pin with the power of the main spring and the hammer spring, to fire the cartridge. It should be noted that the cocking piece can be cocked ONLY by slide retraction and lowered only by trigger pull, so, if the gun must be stored for the long time, the cocking piece must be lowered by dry firing the gun, to awoid main spring weakening.

Various trigger and cocking systems offer the possibility of converting the trigger firing mode from one type to another. Several variants are available based whether the Combat Defensive Action (CDA) aka Law Enforcement Modification (LEM) mechanism is used versus a SA/DA trigger. The following options are available:

- V0: CDA/DA trigger system. The CDA aka LEM trigger is a dual-stage trigger that always fires from a hammer down DA mode, but has an internal mechanism that is cocked with each cycle of the action. It provides a cocked double-action trigger pull of 20 N (4.5 lbf) (+4/-2 N) and an uncocked double-action trigger pull of 51 N (11.5 lbf) (±5 N).
- V1: Same as V0, but hammer has no spur, and there is no decocker button; therefore, the only way to release the cocked mainspring is to pull the trigger over the empty chamber.
- V2: Same as V1 but with an increased trigger weight. The trigger pull is 32.5 N (7.3 lbf) (±2.5 N).
- V3: SA/DA trigger with a decocking lever mounted at the posterior of the slide to the left of the spurred hammer. Single-action trigger pull of 20 N (4.5 lbf) (+4/-2 N), double-action trigger pull – 51 N (11.5 lbf) (±5 N).
- V4: Same as V1 and V2 but with a mid-range trigger pull of 27.5 N (6.2 lbf) (±2.5 N).
- V5: Double-action only (DAO) trigger system. Trigger pull of 36 N (8.1 lbf) (±3 N).

The basic P2000 employs the CDA trigger system as describet above, but with added ambidextrous decocker at the rear of the frame, below the hammer (somewhat like Mauser M2). The P2000 variations, marked V1, V2 and V4 have the CDA trigger with different trigger pull weights (see above), and the P2000 V3 has conventional, SA/DA trigger mechanism with decocker at the rear side of the frame, below the hammer. All P2000 also featured internal firing pin safety.

The P2000 manual clearly states that HK does not recommend the use of +P and +P+ ammunition in P-series pistols: The revised manual (2014) removes this recommendation, stating that P series handguns are designed for brass-cased ammunition, factory-loaded to NATO or SAAMI specifications. The revised manual continues to warn against the use of steel- or aluminum-cased ammunition.

The P2000 SK model is a smaller "sub-compact" version of the P2000. American versions of the P2000SK will accept the longer USP Compact magazines which provide higher capacities; up to 13 9 mm rounds and 12 .40 S&W/.357 SIG cartridges. Some of the advantages of its compact size will be compromised as these longer magazines will protrude approximately 1/2" below the bottom of the P2000SK`s grip. Lower capacity 10-round magazines are the same size as the higher capacity USP Compact magazines.

Used by
- Canada: Correctional Service of Canada (V5) and Parks Canada Warden Service.
- Germany: State police forces of Lower Saxony, Baden-Württemberg and the Wasserschutzpolizei of Hamburg.
- Japan: Security Police.
- Switzerland: Swiss Border Guard (Grenzwachtkorps) and Swiss Federal Police are replacing the SIG 220 pistol. Pistols will be issued in 9mm, and special agents may be allowed to carry the P2000SK (subcompact version of the HKP2000).
- United States: U.S. Customs and Border Protection (C.B.P.) and Rutherford, NJ Police Department.

HK P2000

Semi-automatic pistol

Heckler & Koch GmbH

Short recoil operated, locked breech, Double Action or Combat Defence action (HK proprietary)

9×19mm Parabellum, .40 S&W, .357 SIG

(Unloaded) 620 g (22 oz)

173 mm (6.8 in)

93 mm (3.7 in)

Magazine Capacity:
10 or 13 rounds (9×19mm), 10 or 12 rounds (.40 S&W and .357 SIG)

In Production:

Fixed open iron sights; front blade and square notch rear sight with white contrast dots 141.5 mm (5.6 in) sight radius

Muzzle Velocity:
Approx. 355 m/s (1,165 ft/s)

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