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SIG-Sauer P225

SIG-Sauer P225

Other Pictures:
SIG-Sauer P225 cut-out drawing

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P225 first appeared in 1980 and become a very popular Police and military handgun across western Europe (adopted by German military as P6, as well as by many police agencies, esp. in Switzerland and Germany).
SigSauer P225 is a compact version of the SigSauer P220. As it`s full-size predescessor, P220, it has aluminium alloy frame, steel slide and DA trigger with frame-mounted decocker. It also has same modified Browning locked breech, linkless action, when barrel locks to the slide by the one large lug through the ejection port. And of course, it`s wery accurate and reliable gun, as one may expect from Swiss design.

Double Action or Double Action Only

9mm Luger

(Unloaded) 740 g



Magazine Capacity:
8 Rounds


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