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Beretta A391 Xtrema 3.5

Beretta A391 Hardwood Realtree

Other Pictures:
Beretta Basic A391 Synthetic

Beretta A391 Advantage Timber

Beretta A391 Advantage Wetlands

Beretta A391 in Orginal Factory Box

Althought Beretta A391 is made for Super magnum shells, it eats thru almost anything.

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A semiautomatic shotgun is a tool, and as such it should be supremely functional. This doesn`t mean it can`t be graceful and well balanced, but it does mean it should never sacrifice function to form.

The new Beretta A391 Xtrema is the most purely functional autoloader I have ever seen. A new design (despite the A391 family designation), the Xtrema incorporates a wealth of features intended simply to make it work better. And it does.
First, it is built around its 3 1/2-inch 12-gauge chamber. This isn`t an existing design revised. To handle the higher pressures and stiffer recoil, it has a gas-operated system with rotating lugs that lock into the extended barrel. It becomes, in effect, one unit on firing. The operating mechanism is self-cleaning and will cycle with almost any load. You can stuff the magazine with everything from two-inch English loads to 3 1ž2-inch steel waterfowl loads, and it will operate every time.

The gun has interchangeable chokes designed to handle the heaviest steel, a built-in recoil reduction system that makes these loads manageable and a rubberized pistol grip and forend add to the comfort.
Combine this with being virtually corrosion-proof, and the Beretta Xtrema is ready to take on the toughest waterfowl, with the heaviest loads, under the worst of conditions. That should make even a duck hunter happy!

Beretta A391 Xtrema Troubleshooting



Gas operated, Semi-auto

12 Gauge (3 1/2 in shells - 89 mm chamber)

3,60 Kg

1270 mm

610 - 760 mm (Based on Model)

Magazine Capacity:
5, 12/70 - 4, 12/76 - 3, 12/89

Feed system:
tubular magazine


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