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Type 91

Type 91 grenade launcher attached on Type 56-II

Other Pictures:
Type 91 attched on Type 95 rifle


The Type 91 grenade launcher is used to launch low velocity non lethal 35 mm grenades for riot-control purpose. This launcher include three variants: shoulder-fired, rifle-attached, and vehicle-mounted.

The shoulder-fired Type 91 35 mm Grenade Launcher is a single-shot, break-open, manual fed, shoulder-fired weapon. It is breech-loading and fires a 35 mm grenades. It has an open, fixed front sight and an open, adjustable rear sight.

The rifle-attached Type 91 35 mm Grenade Launcher is used while attached to a Type 56 submachine gun, Type 81 assult rifle, or Type 95 assult rifle. It is a lightweight, compact, breech loading, pump action, single shot launcher. The launcher consists of a hand guard and sight assembly with an adjustable metallic folding, short-range blade sight assembly, and an aluminum receiver assembly which houses the barrel latch, barrel stop and firing mechanism.

The vehicle-mounted 35 mm Grenade Launcher is fitted on the Type 91 (WZ-551) internal security armoured vehicle. It can fire 35 mm grenades in automatic and semi-automatic modes. The launcher is an air cooled, recoil operated, disintegrating metallic link-belt fed non lethal weapon mainly for riot control. The rounds feeding mechanism is driven by external power.

Ammunitions used by the Type 91 grenade launcher include Tear Gas and Sound/Light Shock.

Grenade launcher

35 x 114 mm


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