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Grenade launchers - USA

China Lake EX-41

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The search for more firepower during the VietNam period led to the de...


The M203 grenade launcher has been developed between 1967 and 1968 by the AAI Corporation of USA on the contract from US Army. this contract has been issued on the basis of the experience, gained by the US armed forces in Vietnam with the M79 40mm grenade launcher (which was successful design but...


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The story of a "Thumper" or "Blooper" (both were unofficial nick-nam...


The MM-1 revolver grenade launcher is manufactured in USA by the Hawk Engineering Co, and is in use by Special Forces of USA, as well as of several South American and African countries. While MM-1 may look much like upscaled Milkor MGL grenade launcher, most probably the MM-1 traces its ancestry ...

Saco Mk-19 Mod 3

The development of the Mk-19 AGL (also refered to as a Grenade Machinegun), began in 1963. The first version was a hand-cranked multiple grenade launcher called the MK 18. In 1966, the need for more fire power inspired the development of a self-powered 40-mm machine gun called the MK 19 MOD 0. Th...

XM307 ACSW / XM307/XUV

The origins of the XM307 Advanced Crew Served Weapon (ACSW), also known as XM307 25mm Airbursting Weapon System, lie in the several military documents, published in USA during late 1980s. These documents stated that current small arms have reached its peak in development, and the only currently p...


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