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China Lake EX-41


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The search for more firepower during the VietNam period led to the development of the M-79 grenade launcher. However there were some limitations to the design, the main point being ammunition capacity. One only had 1 shot and then had to reload, in the thick of combat it was felt a better alternative was needed. China Lake Naval Surface Warfare facility in California began tests to produce a pump action beefed up version of the M-79 in 1968. The weapon had acceptance from the SEAL teams which tested them in country, however there were two flaws with the weapon. Weight being the first, not only the weapon but each round which weighed half a pound. The second was the flechette and buckshot loads had problems loading reliability compared to the HE shells. This limited the effectiveness of the weapon in combat and the project was soon abandoned. It is believed only 20-30 weapons were ever produced.

Grenade launcher

China Lake Naval Research Facility

Pump Action

40 mm (40x46)

8.16 kg

Magazine Capacity:
4 rounds in underbarrel tube magazine

Effective range:
Up to 150 meters point target, up to 400 meters area targets


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