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R. P. G. - Russia/USSR


RPG-16 antitank grenade launcher has been developed in late 1960s especially for Soviet airborne troops. Compared to the contemporary RPG-7, RPG-16 provided greater effective range and better accuracy, thanks to the smaller caliber warhead and more powerful rocket booster. Adopted in 1970, RPG-16...


RPG-2 antitank grenade launcher has been adopted by Soviet Army in 1949. During 1960s it has been gradually replaced in USSR by the much more effective RPG-7, and later widely exported to pro-soviet countries. RPG-2 saw a lot of combat in Vietnam and mid-east. It also has been produced under the ...


The RPG-7 is a further development of the previous RPG-2 antitank grenade launcher. RPG-7, in its first version, known as RPG-7V, has been adopted by Soviet army in 1961, and still is widely fielded in Russia and at least 50 more countries. By far, RPG-7 can be considered as one of the most succe...


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