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ARES FMG (Folded)

The ARES FMG is a folding submachine gun designed by Francis J. Warin of Oak Harbor, Ohio, while he worked at Eugene Stoner`s ARES Inc. Warin designed the gun for concealment and covert use, describing it as a “businessman`s personal defense weapon”. Allegedly, Warin had the idea of a defense weapon for VIPs and CEOs following the numbers of kidnappings of many of such persons in South America during the early 1980s. While the design was finalized, and a few functional copies produced, the FMG never entered full production. Two prototypes exist.

The weapon has a unique architecture, in that it is designed to be folded into a box shape, but it can be unfolded and made ready to fire in a matter of seconds. When folded, the size is about the same as a cigarette carton, and the appearance is deliberately similar to an old-fashioned metal commercial radio.

The Ares FMG can be folded with its 20-round UZI magazine loaded. A 32-round magazine was also available, but its use prevented folding the weapon. The original prototype was designed to use a WWII German MP40 magazine. The second prototype used UZI magazines and had a three shot burst mechanism as well.

The weapon inspired a Russian, and a Ukrainian copy that is almost identical except for caliber, magazine and folding sights that were added.

While descriptions of a fictional "ARES II FMG" exist on the web, the actual ARES FMG was only chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum.


- United States Secret Service

(Fictional Gesture of what the system would be like)

Submachine gun

ARES Incorporated


9x19mm Parabellum

2.09 kg (4.61 lb)

503 mm (19.8 in) extended, 262 mm (10.3 in) folded

220 mm (8.7 in)

Magazine Capacity:
20, 32-round

Feed system:
Box magazine

Rate of fire:
650 rounds/min


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