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Submachine Guns - Poland


Bechowiec (aka Bechowiec-1) was a Polish World War II machine pistol or submachine gun developed and produced by the underground Bataliony Chłopskie (BCh, Peasants` Battalions) resistance organisation. It was designed in 1943 by Henryk Strąpoć and was being produced in under...


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The Blyskawica (Lightning) was a submachine gun produced by the Armia Krajowa, or Home Army, a Polish resistance movement fig...

Pistolet maszynowy wz.39 Mors

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Pistolet maszynowy wz.39 Mors (Mors is Latin for death, Polish for walrus) was a Polish submachine gun designed by Piotr ...

Poland pz-63

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This is a peculiar weapon which resembles an over-grown automatic pistol. Instead of a bolt movin...


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