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Submachine Guns - USA


The AR-57
also known as the AR Five Seven , is an upper receiver for the AR-15/M16 rifle lower receiver, firing 5.7×28mm rounds from standard 5.7x28mm magazines. It was designed by AR57 LLC and is currently produced by AR57 of Kent, Washington, USA. The AR-57 PDW Upper is a new design on ...


The ARES FMG is a folding submachine gun designed by Francis J. Warin of Oak Harbor, Ohio, while he worked at Eugene Stoner`s ARES Inc. Warin designed the gun for concealment and covert use, describing it as a “businessman`s personal defense weapon”. Allegedly, Warin had the idea of a def...

Ingram Model 6 / 7 (M6/M7)

Gordon Ingram designed his first prototype submachine gun during late 1940s; soon after his first prototype he produced next design, known as Model 6. This gun was manufactured by American company Police Ordnance Co between 1949 and 1952; about 15 to 20 thousands of Model 6 submachine guns were m...

KRISS Vector

The KRISS Vector
series is a family of weapons based upon the parent submachine gun design developed by KRISS USA, formerly Transformational Defense Industries (TDI). They use an unconventional delayed blowback system combined with in-line design to reduce perceived recoil and muzzle clim...

M2 Hyde

The Hyde-Inland M2
was a United States submachine gun design submitted for trials at Aberdeen Proving Ground in February, 1941. Work was undertaken by General Motors Inland Manufacturing Division to develop workable prototypes of George Hyde`s design patented in 1935. The model first subm...

M3 / M3A1 "Grease gun"

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The M3 submachine gun, also known as Grease gun, was developed as a cheaper war-time alternative to famous Thompson M1 and M192...


The Military Armament Corporation Model 10
fficially abbreviated as "M10" and "M-10", and more commonly known as the MAC-10, is a compact, blowback operated machine pistol that was developed by Gordon B. Ingram in 1964. It is chambered in either .45 ACP or 9mm. A two-stage suppressor by S...


The Ingram MAC-11
(Military Armament Corporation Model 11) is a subcompact machine pistol developed by American gun designer Gordon Ingram at the Military Armament Corporation (MAC) during the 1970s. The weapon is a sub-compact version of the Model 10 (MAC-10), and is chambered to fire th...

Ruger MP9

The MP9 submachine gun was designed as a compact weapon for law enforcement forces. It is based on basic design of the Uziel Gal (author of the UZI SMG), further improved by the Ruger company. The MP9 was released in 1995 for police and military sales in the USA.

Basically, MP9 may be called ...

S&W M76

The Smith & Wesson company is most famous for its long line of world-class revolvers, which was complemented by semi-automatic pistols since early 1950`s. It is less known fact that this company was also engaged in development of other small arms, including long guns and selective-fried weapons, ...

Thompson submachine gun

The Thompson submachine gun
is an American submachine gun, invented by John T. Thompson in 1918, that became infamous during the Prohibition era, becoming a signature weapon of various organized crime syndicates in the United States. It was a common sight in the media of the time, being u...


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