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Beretta M3

Beretta M3

The Beretta Model 3 was an Italian submachine gun produced from 1956 to 1959. It was essentially the World War II-era Beretta 38/42 redesigned for more efficient production. The wooden stock of the 38/42 was replaced with a steel folding stock. A pistol grip was provided at the trigger guard and the magazine receiver was lengthened to provide a foregrip.

Fully automatic or single-shot fire is selectable by the use of two triggers, and it fires from an open bolt. Its relatively slow cyclic rate of fire, 550 shots per minute, and low recoil make it highly accurate during full automatic or selective fire. It is accurate to 200 meters. The Model 3 weighs 3.5 kilograms empty (about 7.7 lb) and is 711 mm) in length with stock extended (508 mm when retracted). Rifling: 6 grooves, rh.

20-round and 40-round box magazines are available for the Model 3. The weapon is chambered for the 9 mm Parabellum cartridge.

The Model 3 was succeeded by the Beretta Model 12 in 1959.

Submachine gun

Fabbrica D`Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A. Via Pietro Beretta, 18, 25063 Gardone Val Trompia, Brescia, Italy, Tel +39.030.8341.1, Fax +39.030.8341399


9x19mm Parabellum

3.47 kg (empty)

711/508 mm (stock extended/folded)

200 mm

Rifling: 6 grooves, rh.

Magazine Capacity:
20 or 40 rounds

Feed system:
detachable box magazine

In Production:
1956 to 1959

Rate of fire:
550 round/min


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