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The HAFDASA C-4 is a submachine gun of Argentinian origin and is chambered in 9mm and .45 calibres. It has an aluminium lower receiver and is fed from a wide box magazine (50 rounds for 9x19mm Parabellum rounds and 40 rounds in .45 ACP). Its magazine insert has a dust cover that folds open forward to form a grip shrouding the front of the magazines. The C-4 was available with a fixed wooden stock, folding metal stock, full rifle stock and also came as a machine pistol which predates and even outperforms many modern submachine guns.

Originally it was derived from the HAFDASA `Ballester-Rigaud C1` model rifle, which was based on the famous Beretta Model 1918/30 submachinegun that was used, among others, by the police of the capital.

They were originally semiautomatic, although it is known that some were modified at the factory for automatic fire. Those of caliber 9mm had a magazine capacity of 50 cartridges, while the .45 model stored 40 rounds, a high capacity, especially for the era. The magazines are small in size, due to a design using two internal double-stack columns, and a feed selector to choose which column to feed from. Placing the feed selector in its central position prevents the weapon from firing. The Suomi KP-31 Schillstrom 50 round "coffin" magazines used a similar dual-doublestack design, but lacked the column feed selector.

As with all the weapons manufactured by HAFDASA, the C4 is a practically unbreakable and strong weapon, though as those of its epoch, quite heavy.

Production And Testing at the HAFDASA Factory of HAFDASA Z-4 Submachineguns a Wooden Stock Version (No audio)

Submachine gun

Hispano Argentina de Automotives SA

Blowback, open bolt

9x19mm Parabellum, .45 ACP

Magazine Capacity:
40, 50 round

Feed system:
detachable box magazine



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