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Nambu Type II

Nambi Type 2a

Other Pictures:
Nambi Type 2b

A Type 2b captured by British troops in Singapore

The Experimental Model 2 Submachine Gun
(試製二型機関短銃 Shisei-ni-gata kikan-tanjū) was a pre-World War II submachine gun of Japanese origin chambered in the 8mm Nambu round and was issued to Japanese Naval units, and used through until the end of the war.

The machine gun was produced in relatively small numbers for the IJA during the invasion of Shanghai. During its trial periods it was found that the 8mm round which it used had a tendency to jam the weapon further restricting its use by both the Imperial Marines and army. It was rejected by Japanese Imperial Army after the tests in 1937 but put into limited service by Navy after adopting several changes to the body a much smaller and lighter variant was introduced, christened the "bull pup" by American G.I.s who encountered it in combat as it was so rare. It had a 50-round magazine extending from the pistol grip, a unique feature which would not resurface in submachine gun design for nearly fifteen years, predating the Sa vz. 23 and IMI Uzi.

The other submachine gun used by the Japanese military, the Type 100, was much more numerous. It was also used by the Imperial Army as well as the Navy. The Type 100 was the only finalized sub-machine gun used by the Japanese although it was more cumbersome than the Model 2.

It featured an airlock buffer arrangement which could be used to adjust the rate of fire. It`s predecessor featured a 50 round magazine extending from the pistol grip. The later version (of which several variants existed) used a more practical 30 round mag but probably never saw combat use. One was found by British troops in a Japanese HQ in Singapore

Type II was one of the first SMGs that used the pistol grip as magazine well.

- Type IIa
- Type IIb
As this gun was in Experimental phase, it is possible that more variants existed.

Used by
- Imperial Japanese Navy

- Second Sino-Japanese War
- World War II

- Kijiro Nambu

- Less than 50

Submachine gun


8×22mm Nambu, 6.5x22 Nambu (rare)

8 mm

3.37 kg (7 lb 7 oz) (empty), 4.39 kg (9 lb 11 oz) (loaded)

896 mm (35 in)

228 mm (9 in)

Magazine Capacity:
35, 50-rounds

Feed system:
Detachable box magazine

Iron sights

Rate of fire:
650 - 850 Rpm


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