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Agram 2000

Agram 2000


A submachine gun (.9x19mm-Parabellum, 15 or 32-rounds magazine) used by the Croatian army as a recon and light weapon, for APC troops and PDW for non-combatants. It`s a Croatian "modernization" of the Italian Beretta PM12-S SMG; it features the same Safe, Single-Shot, Full-auto fire trigger group than the Beretta PM12-S. Croatia has replaced since its independence all its .9x18, .7.62-Russian and .5.75-Russian because of its will to conform to NATO standard in order to make easier its steps to enter in the European Union.

Made by small Croatian company, this SMG earn its "honour" mostly as a criminal weapon in some ex-Eastern Block countries.

Submachine Gun

9mm Parabellum

(Unloaded) 1,8 kg

482 mm

Magazine Capacity:
22, 32 or 40 Rounds

Rate of fire:
800 RPM


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