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Steyr MPi69 / MPi81

Steyr MPi69

Other Pictures:
MPi69 - cut out drawing

MPi69 - Parts drawing

Steyr MPi81

The Steyr MPi 69 SMG was developed by Steyr-Mannlicher AG and now discontinued in production since the introduction of the Steyr AUG /para and Steyr TMP submachine guns.

MPi69 is a blowback operated, selective fire weapon. The receiver is made from stamped steel, the receiver cover and pistol grip is made from nylon. The bolt is of "sleeving" type and had a fixed firing pin near to its rear end. The telescopic stock is made from steel wire. MPi 69 has three positions safety, in the form of the cross bar located above and behind the trigger.

The cocking handle is located at the left and also used as a front swivel. To charge the gun, shhoter had to pull the sling back.

Later, Steyr manufactured slightly modified variant, called MPi81, with conventional cocking handle at the left side of the receiver and with rate of fire increased up to 700 rds/min.

Submachine Gun


9mm Parabellum

3,13 kg

(stock closed/open): 465 / 670 mm

260 mm

6 Grooves, rh

Magazine Capacity:
25 or 32 Rounds

In Production:

Rate of fire:
550 RPM

Effective range:
50-100 meters


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