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Sten Mk. I / Mk.1*

STEN Mk.I (STEN Mark 1)

(FILM) Sten MkII Presentation (.WMV)

(MANUAL) Sten Carbine Machine Mks I,II,III 9mm Illustrated Identification List (.pdf)

The STEN name came out of names of the designers (R. V. Shepard and H. J. Turpin) and from the factory where they worked (Enfield arsenal). It was one of the most crude and ugly and simply, but effective submachine guns of the WW2. Almost 4 millions of STEN guns of different versions were made between 1941 and 1945. STEN guns were made not only in Royal Small Arms factory in Enfield; other makers included famous British gunmaking company of the time BSA Ltd, as well as Royal Ordnance Arsenal in Fazakerly, England, and Long Branch Arsenal in Canada.

The first STEN, STEN Mk.I (full official name was 9mm STEN Machine Carbine, Mark 1), was developed in mid-1941. It was blowback operated, automatic weapon that fired from the open bolt. Trigger unit permitted for sigle shots and full automatic fire, controlled by the cross-bolt type button, located in front and above trigger. The tubular receiver and the barrel shroud were made from rolled steel. The gun was fed from left side mounted box magazines. The stock was of skeleton type, made from steel. Sights were fixed, pre-adjusted for 100 yards distance, peep hole rear and blade front. The Mk.1 featured spoon-like muzzle compensator. Some guns featured small folding forward grip. Total production of Mark 1 and slightly modified Mark 1* STEN machine guns was about 100 000.

Submachine Gun

RSAF Enfield, BSA Ltd, Royal Ordnance Arsenal, Long Branch Arsenal and others


9mm Parabellum

3.5 Kg (7.8 Lbs)

895 mm (35.25 in)

196 mm (7.75 in)

6 Grooves, rh

Magazine Capacity:
32 Rounds

Feed system:

In Production:

Fixed Iron sight

Rate of fire:
550 Rpm

Effective range:
150-200 meters (164-218 yd)

Muzzle Velocity:
390 m/s (1280 fps)


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