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Diemaco C7 / C8

C7A1 / C7FT flat-top Rifle W/ Elcan scope

Other Pictures:
C7 Rifle

C8 Carbine

(FILM) Diemaco C7 Presentation (.WMV)

The C7 rifle is a slightly modified copy of the Colt M16A2 assault rifle, licence-built by Diemaco company of Canada.
The C7 rifle, along with C7A1 flat-top, scoped rifle and C8 carbine, is adopted by Canadian Forces, and is in service since 1984. It is also adopted by Danish and Netherlands armed forces.

Like the M16A2, the C7 is a direct gas operated weapon, but it has full-auto and single-shot modes instead of the original three-round burst and single-shot modes of the M16A2. Other differences are simplified two-position aperture rear sight with only two settings. Barrel is crome-lined and rifled for SS109 (5.56mm NATO) ammunition. The C7 and C8 are issued with black polymer 30 rounds box magazines but also can accept any M16-compatible magaines.

The C7A1 (Diemaco`s proprietary name C7FT, or Flat-top) is a C7 rifle that has carrying handle with iron sights removed, and the picatinny-weaver mount installed on the top of the receiver. C7A1 is issued to the Canadian troops with X3.4 Elcan optical sight.

The C8 carbine is the equivalent of the US M4 carbine - shorter barreled version of C7 with telescopic buttstock. C8 is adopted by Canadian Gendarmerie. Flat-top version of the C8 is available for foreign customers, as well as some other modifications, such as heavy barreled versions, Light Support Weapon wersions etc.

Both C7 and C8 can be equipped with Diemaco-made version of the M203 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher.

Gas operated, rotating bolt

5.56x45 mm NATO (.223Rem)

(Loaded/Unloaded) 3,9/3,3 kg

1020 mm

510 mm

Magazine Capacity:
30 rounds


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