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Automatic Rifles - UK

Enfield EM-1 / EM-2

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The history of the British EM-2 (Experimental Model-2) assault rifle is interesting and somewhat pitiful...

Enfield SA-80 / L85A1 / L85A2

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The development of the SA80 (Small Arms for 1980s) system, which included two weapons - SA80 IW (Infantry Weapon) as...

Farquhar-Hill rifle

The Farquhar-Hill rifle
a British design by Moubray G. Farquhar and Arthur H. Hill, was one of the first semi-automatic rifles designed in the early 20th century.

It was first tested in May 1908, and had many failures. Several improved designs followed, none of whic...

Howell Automatic Rifle

The Howell Automatic Rifle
is an automatic conversion for the Lee–Enfield rifle. The weapon was reliable but unergonomic for the user as the force of the recoiling bolt interfered with handling. Similar conversions were the South African Rieder and Charlton of New Zealand origin which had...


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