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Automatic Rifles - Germany

H&K G11

The development of the G11 rifle was started in the late 1960's, when West German government decided to replace existing G3 rifle with lighter weapon with much better hit probability.

The initial studies lead to the idea of the small-caliber, rapid-fire rifle that fires caseless ammunition. T...

H&K G3

During the early- to mid-1950s West Germany, like the other NATO countries, faced the need for rearming its army for the newest common 7.62x51mm NATO caliber small arms. Initially Germans preferred the Belgian FN FAL rifle, and adopted...

H&K G36 / G36K / G36C

The Heckler und Koch G-36 assault rifle had been born as HK-50 project in early 1990s. The reason behind that project was that the Bundeswehr (the German army), after the cancellation of the G11 and G41 projects, was left with outdated G3 rifle and no modern rifle, compatible with the current NAT...

H&K G41

The G-41 assault rifle had been developed in early 1980s from HK-33E assault rifle as a companion to the G-11. While the caseless G11 had to be issued to the front line troops, the G-41 had to be issued to second line troops. When G-11 programme collapsed due to financial and political reasons in...


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The MSG-90 sniper rifle had been introduced by the German company Heckler-Koch...


The PSG-1 sniper system (PrazisionsSchutzenGewehr, or "high-precision marksman`s rifle" in English) had been developed by the German company Heckler - Koch by the mid-1980s as an ultimate police and counter-terror weapon. Some German elite law-enforcement groups, like GSG or KSK-9, participate in...

H&K SL8 / SL8-1 / SL8-6

The SL-8 rifle was first presented to the public at IWA-98 show, and manufacturing commenced late in 1998. This rifle was designed by famous German arms-making company Heckler und Koch GmbH on the basis of its 5,56mm NATO G36 assault rifle, which is a standard issue rifle of German and Spanish ar...

MP 43 / MP 44 / Stg.44

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This weapon, known as a worlds first assault rifle, was developed in Hitlers' Germa...

Walther WA 2000

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Walther Wa-2000 sniper rifle had been developed by Carl Walther Waffenfabrik (Germany) in early 1970s as a highly specialised police...


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