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Other Pictures:
Exploded view of the MG3

MG3 on dual AA mount

MG3 is one of the most popular universal MGs in the World. In fact, MG3 is modified version of the MG42, German WW2 era machinegun, adopted to fire 7.62mm NATO rounds instead of the 7.92mm Mauser rounds.
MG42 was worlds first truly "universal" machinegun, designed for use as both light MG on bipods or as heavy MG on tripod or AA or pintle mount. MG3 started as MG42/59 in 1959, and since 1968 MG3 itself is in mass production.
MG3 is exported to Chile, Dennmark, Italy, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Norway, Austria, Portuguese and Turkey. MG3 clones are built in Yugoslavia and other countries.

MG3 is belt-fed, air-cooled machinegun. It has short moving barrel with bolt locking into the barrel extension via two rollers (note that MG3 used roller locking, unlike the HK G3 series of the weapons, that used roller delayed blowback). MG3 has quick change barrel, that could be replaced after every 150 rounds fired with practical rate of fire of 200-250 rounds per minute. Weapon fires from open bolt. It has one of the highest rates of fire in its class and rated as extremely reliable (as one may expect from such a time- and war-proven design).


7,62mm NATO (.308 Win)

11,5kg on bipod, 25kg on tripod

1225 mm

565 mm

Feed system:
50 or 250 rounds belt

Rate of fire:
1200 RPM

Muzzle Velocity:
820 m/s


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