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Machine Guns - USA

Browning Automatic Rifle BAR M1918

The Browning Automatic Rifle was designed by the famous American arms designer John Moses Browning late in the First World War, on the request from US Expeditionary corps in Europe. Initially it was just like that - the Automatic Rifle, breitl...

Browning M2HB / M2HQCB

Famous Browning M2 was initially designed in USA as an aircraft gun, but in 1921 modernized for ground use and adopted as Model 1921 machinegun. In 1932 Model 1921 MG was modernized again and adopted under designation of M2. Later, after introduction of heavier barrel (for increased practical fir...

M1919 Browning A4 / A5 / A6

The M-1919 evolved from the Browning model M-1917 water-cooled machine gun. The M-1919 series .30 cal. machine gun was replaced by the M-60 7.62mm machine gun in the mid-1950s, but continued to be used into the Vietnam War. M-1919A4 was used as both a company level flexible light machine gun on t...



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The M60 medium/universal machine gun was designed in the late 1940`s and its initial design strongly borrows from WW2 German developments - the MG42 b...


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