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Machine Guns - Russia/USSR

Degtyarev RPD

The RPD (Ruchnoy Pulemet Degtyarova - Degtyarov Light MG) was one of the first weapons designed to fire a new, intermediate cartridge 7.62x39mm. It was developed circa 1944 and was a standard squad automatic weapon of Soviet army since early 1950s and until 1960s, when it was generally replaced b...

Gorjunov SG-43 / SGM

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The Red army (Russian) entered the World War 2 having an outdated and almost obsolete...

Kalashnikov PK / PKS / PKM / PKMS


The development of the new, universal machinegun for Soviet army was initiated in around 1953; during the late fifties the favorite was the Niki...

Kalashnikov RPK

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The RPK (Ruchnoi Pulemet Kalashnikova = Kalashnikov lig...

Kalashnikov RPK-74

The RPK-74 had been developed along with the AK-74 assault rifle as a sqad level light support weapon for the new, small-caliber ammunition, 5.45x39mm. The RPK-74 had been adopted by Soviet Army in late 1970s and is till in use with Russian army, being issued usually one item per infantry squad (...

Kord 12.7

The "Kord" is the newest development in the heavy MG class. It is developed and manufactured at Kovrov Mechanikal Plant (ZID - V.A.Degtyarev plant JSC), Russia.
The "Kord" will replace the now-in-service NSV-12.7 and NSVT "Utes" MGs. The main reasons for this replacement are 1) need for more acc...

Pecheneg / Petcheneg

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The Pecheneg machine gun (sometimes also spelled in English as Petcheneg), i...


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