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AAT Mod.52 / Mod. F-1

AAT mod.52 on tripod with heavy barrel

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AAT-52 = Arme Automatique Transformable modele 52.
This universal machinegun had been designed by MAS company in the early 1950s and had been adopted by French military, initially in the 7.5mm French, and later coverted to fire 7.62mm NATO ammunition.

The AAT-52 had delayed blowback action with belt feeding. The barrel is quick changeable, and had a fluted chamber to assist extraction. Basical version was issued with short (lighT) barrel to be used on bipod. When used on tripod mount, longer and heavier barrel could be installed.


7,5mm French (AAT-52); 7,62mm NATO (AAT F-1)

ca. 10 kg on bipod with light barrel; ca. 23 kg on tripod with heavy barrel

1080 mm with long (heavy) barrel

500 or 600 mm

Feed system:
50 or 200 rounds belt

Rate of fire:
900 RPM


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