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Bushmaster A2 / A3 (XM15)

Bushmaster A2 Rifle

Other Pictures:
Bushmaster A3 Rifle

Bushmaster A2 Carabine with AK47 style muzzle brake permanently attached

(MANUAL) Bushmaster XM15 Models Manual (.pdf)

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The Bushmaster A2/A3 Type Rifle has become the standard for many military forces and Law Enforcement agencies throughout the world. The rifle’s light weight, accuracy, high capacity, and ease of maintenance all contribute to its wide global acceptance. Features of this durable semi-automatic rifle include hard chrome lining in both bore and chamber. This chrome lining - originally a military specification - was developed because powder residue and copper fouling do not adhere as strongly to chrome as they do to plain barrel steel. Additionally, chrome’s lubricity increases muzzle velocity, and eases chambering and extraction. These factors can double the effective barrel life if regular maintenance procedures are observed. The barrel incorporates a “birdcage” style flash suppressor with closed bottom which compensates for muzzle climb and reduces dust signature when firing from the prone position. The barrel, and all critical steel components of the rifle, are manganese phosphate coated for protection against corrosion and rust.

The M16A2 rear sight system is incorporated, and offers a dual flip-up aperture: the short range aperture (0-200 meters) has a larger opening for greater light gathering as well as better moving target visibility; the smaller aperture is designed for maximum accuracy at longer ranges. The sight is adjustable for windage and elevation - the elevation knob is graduated from 300 to 800 meters (1 Minute of Adjustment) and automatically compensates for bullet drop. Windage adjustments are 1/2 M.o.A. On the A3 Type Rifle, the Carry Handle is removable to allow easy mounting of a wide variety of scopes, red dot or holographic sights, or night vision equipment. The rear sight used in the Removable Carry Handle is range adjustable from 300 to 600 meters (1/2 M.o.A. for both elevation and windage). Iron sight zero is repeatable when the handle is reattached by means of its knurled knobs.

The Upper and Lower Receivers are precision machined from 7075T6 aircraft quality aluminum forgings for maximum strength. The Upper Receiver includes a forward assist device and an integral cartridge case deflector. The Lower Receiver controls include bolt catch assembly; magazine release button, and safety selector with indicator markings on both left and right sides. The ribbed front handguards - molded of polymer thermoset composite - offer increased control and heat dissipation. The pistol grip and buttstock are also molded of thermoset composite, and the buttstock features a storage compartment for small parts or cleaning gear. The Bushmaster M16 A2/A3 Type Rifle is shipped complete with 30 round magazine, safety and operational manual, and carrying sling in a lockable hard case. Bushmaster A3 Type Rifle Includes Removable Carry Handle.

Semi-Automatic Rifle

Bushmaster Firearms, Inc, P.O. Box 1479 Windham, ME 04062 Tel: 1-800-998-7928 Fax: 1-207-892-8068 E-Mail:

Gas Operated

5.56 x 45 mm M198 or NATO

972 mm

508 mm


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