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Type 68

Type 68, with 15 rounds magazine

Other Pictures:
PLA on parade with Type 56

Type 56 in the 1979 Sino-Vietnam War

The Type 68 rifle, as its name implies, was adopted by PLA in 1968. It is interesting development because it represents a mix of features taken from other designs, mostly from AK-47 Kalashnikov (known in China as Type 56 assault rifle) and from SKS Simonov karbine (known in China as Type 56 carbine).

The Type 68 is a gas operated, selective fire veapon. It shares the stock design and receiver outline with SKS, but instead of tilting bolt uses AK-47-type rotating bolt action. The gas system is somewhat original and not similar to SKS nor to AK-47, and has dual positions gas regulator. This rifle is fed from detachable box magazines, that are similar to Ak-47 magazines. According to some sources, AK-47 magazines can be used in Type 68 rifle, but it should be slightly modified (a bolt hold-open device must be removed). Type 68 features non-detachable, folding spike bayonet.

Gas operated, rotating bolt

7.62x39 mm Soviet M1943

3.49 kg

1029 mm

521 mm

Magazine Capacity:
15 or 30 rounds

Rate of fire:
750 RPM


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