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Other Pictures:
Close-up of a US Navy M25 (Note McMillan Fiberglass stock installed)


Function: Special Operations semi-automatic sniper rifle

Background: Originally developed by the 10th Special Forces Group at Ft. Devens, the M25 was built as a joint services system, meeting the needs of both Army SF and Navy SEAL sniper teams for a semi-automatic sniper rifle built on the same lines as the match grade M14 and M21 semi-automatic rifles. The M25 is not a replacement for existing bolt-action rifles, such as the Army's M24 and the Marine Corps' M40A3, but rather the M25 is intended to serve as a sniper support weapon for the sniper team observer. The M25 will provide the sniper observer with a more effective support weapon than the M16/M203, capable of delivering very accurate fire out to 500 meters. In addition, the M25 will fill a mission specific role as an urban area sniper rifle, where ranges are limited and high rate of fire is the primary concern. Chambered for 7.62mm NATO (.308 Winchester) the M25 is capable of firing any 7.62mm ammunition, though it was designed to fire the same ammunition (M118 and M852 Match and Special Ball ammunition) that the M40A3 and the M24 currently fire.

Description: Physically, the M25 is very similar in appearance to the M14/M21 semi-automatic rifle. The M25 uses National Match grade components, to include barrel, receiver, trigger assembly and spring guide, and a custom built gas cylinder. The barrel is glass bedded to a synthetic McMillan stock and the Advanced Scope Mounting System is manufactured by Brookfield Precision Tool. The M25 has been equipped with a number of scopes, to include the Bausch & Lomb10x Tactical scope, the Leupold Ultra MK4 series (M1 and M3)as well as the Leupold VariX-III LR M3.

Automatic Rifle (Sniper)

Springfield Armory

Rotating bolt, gas operated, air cooled, Semi-automatic magazine fed rifle

7.62mm x 51mm NATO (.308 Winchester)

4.9 kg

1125 mm

564 mm

R.H. twist

Magazine Capacity:
5 or 20 rounds

Bausch & Lomb10x Tactical scope, Leupold Ultra MK4 series (M1 and M3), Leupold VariX-III LR M3.

Effective range:
800 meters


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