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Type 79 / Type 85

Type 79, 7.62 mm Sniper Rifle

The 7.62 mm Type 79 sniper rifle is a Chinese copy of the Soviet Dragunov SVD. It is a long-barrel, semi-automatic, magazine-fed 7.62 mm rifle that is optimised for accuracy over long distance. The rifle is equipped with an 4 x power sniper scope. With scope, the rifle weighs approximately 4.4 kg.

The Type 79 is reliable and tolerant to the abuses of use in the field comparing to other sniper rifles in the world. The rifle is mainly equipped by the Special Operation Units in the PLA and PAP, as well as the SWAT teams in the Police Services.

The Type 85 is an improved variant of the Type 79, with slightly higher rate of fire (in the sence that the mechanism is faster to operate) and shorter effective range. Its appearance is almost identical to the Type 79.

Why they have chosen to fit a bayonett lug onto this long and unsuported barrel remains a mystery

(Sniper) Semi-Automatic Rifle - Anti Personell

7.62 X 54 mm

3.8 kg (without telescope); 4.4 kg (with telescope)

1220 mm; 1,368 mm (with bayonet)

Magazine Capacity:
10 rounds

Rate of fire:
ca. 30 r/min (Type 79); ca. 40 r/min (Type 85) depending on shoters dexterity with finger.

Effective range:
1000 m (Type 79); 800 m (Type 85)

Muzzle Velocity:
830 m/s


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