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QJY-88 (Type 88)

QJY-88, 5.8 mm Heavy Machine Gun

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The 5.8 mm QJY-88 is PLA's next generation heavy machine gun to replace the 12.7 mm and 7.62 mm heavy machine guns currently in service. The QJY-88 uses the same calibre as the PLA's new generation standard assult rifle family, and can fire both 5.8 mm machine gun rounds and standard 5.8 mm rifle rounds.

The QJY-88 is an automatic, recoil operated, belt-fed, crew served machine gun to be used in the infantry battalion and company as a main suppressing weapon. The machine gun can effectively suppress infantries and light vehicles within 1,000 m distance. The machine gun is fitted with optical sight with night vision input.

The smaller calibre of the QJY-88 means that the soldiers can carry more ammunitions with the machine gun. The cartridge case can be attached to the machine gun to allow firing when the gunner is moving.


5.8x42 mm

11.8 kg


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