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Type 67 / 67-1 / 67-2

Type 67

Type 67-2

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The Type 67 was type classified in 1967 to replace the Type 53 and Type 57 heavy machine gun and Type 58 company machine gun in service with the PLA.

The Type 67 is a 7.62 mm calibre, automatic, belt-fed, recoil operated, air cooled, crew operated weapon that can be used as both a heavy machine gun for infantry battalion and a medium machine gun for infantry company.

When used at battalion level, the Type 6 is mounted on a tripod. When used as a compant medium machine gun, the Type 67 can use the foldable bipod fixed on the barrel. The machine gun is mainly for suppressing enemy infantry, but can also be used for air defence purpose.

The Type 67-1 was type classified in 1978 and its production began in 1980. The Type 67-1 was a improved variant of the Type 67, with slightly better performance.

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The Type 67-2 was type classified in 1982 and has now become the standard battalion/company machine gun to replace the Type 67 and Type 67-1 in service with the PLA. The Type 67-2 uses composite material component to reduce the combat weight, and uses an unique segmental feeding (25 rounds on each segment) to replace the original metallic link-belt feeding mechanism.


7.62 X 54 mm

24 kg (67); 25 kg (67-1); 15.5 kg (67-2)

1650 mm (67); 1345 mm (67-1/67-2)

605 mm (67); 606 mm (67-1/67-2)

Feed system:
Link Belt 250 rounds

Rate of fire:
700 RPM max, 300 RPM sustained (67) ; 650 RPM max, 300 RPM sustained (67-1/67-2)

Effective range:
800 - 1000 meters

Muzzle Velocity:
840 m/s


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