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PP 93

PP 93 submachine gun with open (unfolded) buttstock

Other Pictures:
PP 93 submachine gun with folded butt and attached silencer

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The PP-93 submachine gun had been developed circa 1993 as a non-folding version of earlier PP-90 clandestine submachine gun. Due to improved ergonomics, the PP-93 became slightly more popular, than the boxy PP-90, and is in use with various Russian law enforcement and security agencies. It is said to be quite accurate in either semi-automatic or full automatic (burst) mode. PP-93 also is relatively compact and have slim profile, and thus can be carried concealed.

PP-93 is a conventional, blowback operated submachine gun, made mostly of stamped steel. The magazine is inserted in the pistol handle, with the safety / selector switch located above the trigger guard. PP-93 can be fired in single shots or in full auto. Low profile sights are fixed to the top of the receiver, the top-folding rudimentary butt is made from stamped steel. The charging handle is somewhat unusual in design and position, being made as a cylindrical slider under the front of the receiver, ahead of the trigger guard. To be charged, this slider must be grasped by fingers and retracted all the way back, then released. When gun is fired, charging handle remains stationary. This may be not the most comfortable or fastest way to charge the gun, but it results in slim and snag-proof profile of the weapon, intended for concealed carry and quick draw scenarios. PP-93 could be fitted with laser pointer and detachable silencer. It could be carried in special holster.

Submachine Gun

9 x 18 mm PM

(Unloaded) 1.47 kg

(stock closed/open): 325 / 577 mm

Magazine Capacity:
20 or 30 rounds

Rate of fire:
600-800 RPM

Effective range:
100 Meter


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