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IWI Galil AR (7.62)

IWI Galil AR 7.62 mm


The Galil is a family of Israeli small arms designed by I. Galili and Y. Lior, produced by Israel Military Industries Ltd. The weapon system consists of a 5.56 mm line chambered for the intermediate 5.56x45mm NATO caliber with either M193 or SS109 ball ammunition and several 7.62 mm models designed for use with the 7.62x51mm NATO rifle cartridge.

The Galil’s design is based on the Soviet AK-47 assault rifle. It was selected as the winner of a competitive bid for the Israeli Army that included many other designs and was formally introduced into service in 1972. Depending on the barrel length, magazine capacity and accessories the Galil is available in the following configurations: a carbine variant known as the SAR (short assault rifle), a compact MAR (micro assault rifle) version, standard-length AR (assault rifle) and an ARM (assault rifle and machine gun) light machine gun.

The Galil series of rifles are selective-fire automatic weapons operated by a gas-driven piston system. Locking is achieved through a rotating bolt. The Galil is fed by arched, steel box magazines with a 35-round capacity (SAR and AR versions) a 50-round capacity (ARM model) and 12-round magazines for blanks used to launch rifle grenades. Early production models were supplied with barrels that had six right-hand grooves at a 305 mm twist rate (designed for use with M193 ball ammunition), recent production versions feature a 178 mm twist barrel with six right-hand grooves (used to stabilize SS109/M855 ball projectiles). The barrel has a ported flash hider used to launch rifle grenades and a bayonet lug attachment point. The stamped sheet metal fire selector lever is simultaneously the manual safety and ensures the weapon is not discharged accidentally. The Galil also includes a selector switch on the receiver`s left side, intended to be manipulated by the thumb of the firing hand.

Assult Rifle

Former IMI, Now IWI: Israel Weapon Industries, P.O Box 63 Ramat Hashron 47100 Israel, Phone: 972-3-7606000 Fax: 972-3-7606001 E-mail: Also Bernadelli, Indumil and Ka Pa Sa State Factories

Gas-operated, rotating bolt

7.62x51mm NATO

3.95 Kg (8.70 Lbs)

(stock closed/open): 810/1050 mm (31.88/41.33 in)

535 mm (21.06 in)

Magazine Capacity:
25 Rounds

Feed system:
detachable box magazines

In service dates:

Flip-up rear aperture, hooded foresight

Rate of fire:
650 Rpm

Effective range:
550 meters (601.4 yd)

Muzzle Velocity:
850 m/s (2788 fps)


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