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Korobov TKB-408

Korobov TKB-408

The TKB-408 assault rifle has been developed by designer German A. Korobov by 1946. This weapon has been designed in Tula, for 1946 Soviet Army trials for a new assault rifle. Usually claimed as a first military-type automatic rifle of bullpup configuration, this weapon, in fact, has been preceded by several designs that appeared during the WW2 in Great Britain and USSR (i.e. Korovin 7.62mm experimental assault rifle of 1945). This weapon was tested by Soviet Army commission in 1946-47, but was found unsatisfactory; eventually, trials were won by Kalashnikov AK rifle.

TKB-408 is gas operated, locked breech weapon that uses vertically tilting bolt to lock the barrel. Cocking handle is located at the left side of the weapon, above the wooden handguard; it does not reciprocate when gun is fired. Gun fired in full automatic mode and in single shots. Firing mode selector is located at the left side of receiver, above pistol grip. Separate safety switch is located within the triggerguard, in front of the trigger. Ejection port is located at the right side of weapon, above the magazine, and has flip-down dust cover. There were no provisions for firing from the left shoulder. TKB-408 used proprietary magazines, made from sheet steel. each magazine held 30 rounds and had a forward projection that entered the magazine lock, located at the bottom of pistol grip. Weapon was mostly made of stamped steel, with wooden buttstock and handguard.

Automatic Rifle (Bullpup)

Gas operated, tilting bolt

7.62x39mm M43

4.3 kg

790 mm

Magazine Capacity:
30 rounds


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