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Knight`s Armament SR-25

Knight`s Armament SR-25


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Eugene Stoner, designer of the AR10 and AR15 (known to the World as an M16), working with US company Knight's Armament, designed an SR-25 - a rebuilt in its original caliber AR10. Up to 60% of parts of the Sr-25 are interchangeable with the AR15/M16 - everything but the receiver, the hammer, the barrel assembly and the carrier/bolt. Barrels of the Sr-25 is manufactured by Remington with its famous 5R (5 grooves, rounded) rifling, with twist 1:1.25 (1 turn in 11.25" (286mm). The heavy 24" (609mm) barrel is free-floating, so handguards are attached to the front of the receiver and do not touched the barrel. The ligth gas tube does not affect accuracy. SR-25 is manufactured in 4 variants: Match rifle, with 24" (609mm) barrel, Lightweight match rifle with 20" (508mm) barrel, carbine with 16" (406mm) barrel, and Sporter, with 20" (508mm) not free-floated barrel. Match Rifle has no iron sigths, and all models has a Picatinny-weaver rail system on the top of the receiver to accept different scope mounts or M16A3 carrying handle with iron sigths (front sigth mounted on the rail located on the forward end of the handguard). This rifle designed to shoot 1 minute-of-angle groups at 600 yards ( ~150mm groups at 550 meters)
After five years of shopping for a new weapon, the U.S. Navy SEALs took the plunge and adopted the 7.62 x 51 mm SR25 sniper rifle, made by Knight's Armament Company, of Vero Beach, Fla., and stirred the precision rifle market in the process.
The Navy let a sole source contract for 300 weapons, in May 2000, after type classifying the weapon and assigning it an official national stock number. Now referred to as the Mk 11 Mod 0, the stock number signifies not just the SR25 rifle but indicates a full weapon system, including the rifle, a Leopold scope, back-up pop-up iron sights and a lightweight military match suppressor.

(Sniper) Semi-Automatic Rifle - Anti Material

gas-operated, rotary bolt, semi-auto

.308 (7.62mm NATO)

Match Rifle 4.88kg (10.75pds), LwMatch 4.31kg (9.5pds), Carbine 3.52kg (7.75pds), Sporter 3.97kg (8.75pds)

1118 mm in a usual configuration

Match Rifle 610mm (24 in) (also LwMatch & Sporter 508mm (20 in), Carbine 406mm (16 in)

Magazine Capacity:
5 or 20 round

Picatinny rail system for mounting scopes or carrying handle w. iron sigths


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